Process / Philosophy
Each client and every transformation process is unique. The importance of this uniqueness is acknowledged and respected, and the focus is on assisting each client in developing a strong inner relationship to guide the process. Utilizing a caring and entrepreneurial spirit, formal training in psychology, studies in focusing, and experiential learning, an individualized approach is developed for each process.

ATR Transformation Resources utilizes skills and processes developed from research of successful change. These skills and processes have been proven successful in many diverse applications and are implemented worldwide using a technique called Focusing. For more information on Focusing, click here...

ATR Transformation Resources offers a range of services to provide a customized solution for your particular needs. These services include:
  • Individual counseling
  • Guided focusing sessions
  • Phone and/or email support
  • Group/employee workshops
  • Onsite trainings
  • Business and executive consulting

Please contact Jenifer at (425)281-3005 to discuss your particular needs and develop a solution to support your unique transformation!