Profile / Experience
Jenifer has over 20 years experience in helping others. Her diverse background brings a richness and wisdom to her practice. Years of working with others has allowed her to develop a wide range of practical skills and fine tuned her natural sense of empathy. Knowing the difficulty, and also the achieved peace, of her own transformation inspires her work with others. The experience of multiple processes has given her productive tools, the inner strength and the understanding for providing support to others.

Her educational background includes the sciences, business, and psychology with ongoing studies in inner relationship focusing. She has worked in corporate business, small business, and non-profit organizations. Her work has included relationships with multi-national corporations, small business, entrepreneurs, individuals, groups, adults and children. She has experience in navigating life transitions, conflict management, divorce, collaborative divorce, mediation, childhood development, individual and relationship development, and organization processes.

She has experience with multi-cultural environments and the challenges of blending diverse cultures.

She is able to truly listen, to truly hear, and to be an experienced companion in your process of transformation.

Please call Jenifer at (425) 281-3005 for a free phone consultation.